Member Orientation

365 Learning Hub Orientation

Hey everyone, welcome to the 365 Learning Hub orientation! I’m thrilled to have you all on board.

Membership Inclusions

Let’s dive into what your membership has to offer. First up, you’ve got access to a range of online courses tailored specifically for Microsoft 365.

Course Path:

Now, let’s talk about the path we recommend for your learning journey. We suggest starting with Microsoft Teams, which serves as the foundation for collaboration. Even if you’re not currently using it, it’s worth checking out its potential benefits for both work and personal organization. Then, we move on to OneNote, an essential tool for digital organization. From there, we’ll explore Planner, SharePoint, and OneDrive, each offering unique features within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Additional Course Offerings:

Beyond the core path, we’ve got more courses lined up for you. Excel, in particular, is a popular choice, but don’t underestimate the importance of assessing your skills to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Continuous learning is key, and we’ll provide resources to help you explore each course thoroughly.

Membership Value:

I want you to understand the value you’re getting from your membership. Over time, we’ll gradually release new courses to keep your learning experience fresh and engaging. Even as our fees increase, rest assured that the value of your membership will continue to grow, with regular updates and new offerings.

Live Calls:

Monthly live calls will focus on Microsoft 365 applications, covering new features, deeper insights, trends, or updates.

  • Topics will be scheduled in advance, but may change based on timely events or Microsoft’s developments.
  • Occasional guest speakers or member participation will enhance discussions.
  • Calls will accommodate different time zones, typically midday (MDT) for accessibility.
  • Accountability will be integrated into the calls, encouraging progress updates and course engagement.
  • Live calls will feature Q&A sessions, with members encouraged to submit questions in advance.

Live calls provide additional learning opportunities and accountability, enhancing the value of membership beyond the standard course offerings.

Pace Yourself

I want to stress the importance of pacing yourself. Learning isn’t a race—it’s about absorbing, applying, and retaining knowledge. We’re here to support you every step of the way, so feel free to revisit content and reach out with any questions. Welcome to the 365 Learning Hub community!


The community aspect of the membership is a vital component, bringing together individuals interested in learning and sharing insights within the realm of Microsoft 365 and related topics.

  • While the focus is primarily on Microsoft products, discussions may extend to other relevant areas such as AI or emerging trends.
  • Members can utilize the community platform to ask questions, share tips, and engage in discussions, contributing to a collaborative learning environment.
  • Initially, a Facebook community will be established for ease of access, with considerations for alternative platforms in the future.
  • Community participation will shape the direction and content of discussions, with opportunities for members to share their expertise and learn from others.
  • Regular updates, tips, and insights will be shared within the community, complementing the formal course material.
  • The goal is to foster an active and supportive community where members feel encouraged to participate regularly, enhancing the overall learning experience.
  • While efforts will be made to address member questions, complex or technical inquiries may require additional avenues for resolution beyond the scope of the membership.

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