Google has the answers…

Why would you take a course when you can find almost anything on the Internet these days?

There are YouTube videos that show you (or teach you) just about anything.

Thousands of videos

Thousands of videos and probably the same number of articles or blogs written by so many different people.

So much information that there probably is not enough time to read it all.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know

One year ago I set out on my journey to learn about creating an online training portal.   Everyday I spent hours watching and reading all the resources on this topic.

But the trouble was I didn’t know what I didn’t know so it became increasingly harder to make a full plan of action.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of videos and articles on how to get started, but with that came a lot of different opinions.


Which one was right?

And then once I followed the advice of how to get started, then what?

There were missing pieces.

I didn’t have a clear path.

There were too many questions and they all seemed to relate to each other.

I could Google an answer on something that I’m looking for but if I didn’t fully know what I was looking for.

This is new territory and the more I read, the more I craved the full picture.

Gotten No Where

After a month of my time (hours per day) googling and looking for answers I realized I have not gotten anywhere.

So I stopped googling and found a program to teach me everything I needed from start to finish.

The investment was worth it.

Now I had a plan, I had a destination and I could check off complete along the way.

My online training portal is built and open for business.

How is your Teams Learning Journey?

I am sharing all of this with you because if you can relate to the countless hours of googling leading you no where (with Microsoft Teams), then I can help.

I have created the complete program for Microsoft Teams.

The Teams Success Blueprint starts at the beginning and helps you build a customized Teams environment that will help your Team come together.

If you want Microsoft Teams to:

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Teams Success Blueprint